The government of West Bengal has conceived of Rajarhat,Residential Building Construction in Rajarhat Articles in east Kolkata, as its satellite part, to be a key place for residential and commercial operations. The property and its rates in South Kolkata have already reached its saturation point. There is no space available for further development in South Kolkata. It is very obvious, therefore, that growth needs to get decentralized and other parts of Kolkata grow in terms of businesses, educational institutions, multiplexes and entertainment zones, and residential spaces. Rajarhat has becomes a very favorable destination for residential projects, because of its close proximity to the business district of Kolkata. Rajarhat has been developed really well in keeping with the modern urban development, with its wide and well-connected roadways, with educational institutions, schools and colleges close by, hospitals and medical facilities in close proximity, with large open and green areas and lush green gardens, and beautiful water-bodies. Feels like the best thing when you can see the rising sun the first thing in the morning, welcoming you to begin your day, in your bed! So, if you are looking for great place to stay in, flats in Rajarhat are a right choice. In Kolkata, various hospitality and retail related projects have been launched in Rajarhat, in East Kolkata, apart from the commercial and residential projects.

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So, build your dream house, away from all the noisy clutter and traffic snarls of the busy Kolkata choose from amongst the wide varieties of flats in Rajarhat, with some of the best builders in Rajarhat. All the flats in Rajarhat that have been built by the builders at Rajarhat, like the Siddha Group, have the best architectural specifications, latest materials, state-of-the-art-facilities and amenities that enhance lifestyles and comfortable living. All flats in Rajarhat can boost of new evolutions in design, space planning, fixtures, furniture, grand entrances and lobbies, kitchen equipments, material language.The builders are providing houses at very cheap rates, which range between 4 lakhs and 20 lakhs. Now where else in the other metro cities can you find such cheap flats, that too, in such close proximity with the airport and other major business hubs.Real estate in Rajarhat in east Kolkata is still affordable, given its still nascent demand and supply balance, but it is for sure that the skyline of Rajarhat and Kolkata is all set to change, as many builders and developers are pumping in money to invest in land and property. So, whether it is exclusive luxury homes or business retail spaces or apartments for chic urban living, come and be a part of Rajarhat and Kolkata’s progress and help yourself prosper, as well.

By Haadi