If you own a home or a business and mold has become an issue for you then you need professional help. Mold inspectors are qualified to assess your problem and then to recommend how best to treat it and how to prevent it from happening again. You need the services of a mold inspector if you have concerns over your health and the health and well-being of your family and/or employees. If you are concerned that mold and mildew is in your house or business then you need to call in someone to evaluate the problem right away. It is recommended that you contact a professional before the problem has become serious.

When it comes to picking a mold inspector you need to pick one who has three specific goals in mind. The first is to locate defects in your house that are major and that are easy for the inspector to gain access to. The second goal is to offer you the cause and effects of the defects that were found and to help you as the client to understand what repairs are required. The defects would be the root cause of why mold and mildew has grown but it may be something that you were unaware was taking place in the first place.

Finally the third goal would be educate the homeowner about where certain important valves are in the event that an emergency took place. All homeowners should be taught -if they do not know already- where the main water valve is for their home, as well as the heating system shut off and the electrical disconnect switch. A mold inspector can show you these things if you need him to.

When looking for mold inspectors, do not select one based on what he charges and nothing else. Price comparison shopping is a smart idea when it comes to some services but when it comes to mold investigation and sampling you need to choose an individual who has expertise, proper training and the right qualifications.

Mold testing needs to be done by a person who has knowledge of building construction, or building forensics and home inspections. The person you hire should also have extensive knowledge when it comes to HVAC systems, roofing and vapor barriers.

Psychometrics is something that all mold inspectors need to have an understanding and working knowledge of. Psychometrics has to do with air, dew point, humidity and temperature. How all of these elements are connected is something relevant for all inspectors to be trained to know.

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Knowledge of biology is important for those who wish to work as inspectors of mildew and mold because mold is a living organism. While you do not have to know every principle of the science, to understand the study of mold you need to have a basic knowledge of biological and ecological principles as they relate to microbiology or mycology. Hiring an inspector with an educational background in biological sciences and building sciences is a good idea. That way you will know that he understands everything there is to know about the origins of mold.

By Haadi