The new pandemic of COVID-19 has changed how corporations operate.

Let us look forward to continued marketing growth, emerging marketer technical advances, and innovative ways to recognise and connect with clients.

We also seen more online purchases, and many staff will continue to function remotely or in a hybrid environment for the majority of next year.

What are the new marketing trends for 2021 that your brand certainly needs to remember in order to engage and retain your clients and generate more traffic, leads, and sales?

We have described aspects that will encourage the savvy executives of next year to invest their time and money. If you don’t know where to begin with, start with these trends, because these industry trends could prove the best bang for your brand’s marketing buck.

Here are the industry’s top marketing trends to look out for in 2021.

Increase in Social Commerce
It’s no secret that the largest and most beneficial medium for online marketing is now social media. Social commerce is going to become one of the biggest marketing and eCommerce trends of the coming year with the Facebook stores, Instagram shops, and Pinterest shopping ads and catalogs!

People use instant messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram every day. This is why these are excellent tools for retailers to engage with their audience.

Repurposing Content On Different Platforms
With an emphasis to create engaging content with fewer resources, it makes sense that next year will give a stronger focus on repurposing content across platforms. You want to share it with as many individuals as possible when you spend time and money creating high-quality, engaging content. Repurposing is the easiest way to do so!

Content teams will continue to work out how to use content from webinars, round tables, podcasts, and conferences to make an efficient pool of content efficiently in 2021.

Which brands are winning at repurposing content?

It’s inevitable that if Marvel, owned by Disney, is good at repurposing content, then its parent company will also do that.

And they show us some great ways to use ‘old content’ with Disney, then to repurpose it, as well as to do it with brand new content.

If we take a classic character like ‘Winnie the Pooh’ as an example, the content of the original films (first released in 1966) is being repurposed to help promote the release of the new film for fans of all generations.

Community Building Capacity

This year, Building Communities was a push for marketing teams, particularly with the emergence of Slack communities across technology and the focus during the pandemic on personalization in marketing.

However, the creation of communities explicitly around content sharing and growth would allow marketing teams to continue to expand their reach.

Marketing focused on events will be superseded by group marketing!

The Voice Search Trend

Today, not only is voice search a feature of the Google algorithm, it also decides current search results. Voice search queries frequently display different results than a user-typed text-based search.

For businesses, retaining their SEO with voice search components and engaging their clients who turn to that medium is a good idea.

Live Videos
We’ve already seen the rise of video as an interaction tool, and now the trend is to stream live video content across several established platforms – Instagram Stories, Facebook Live.

By Haadi