significant role in their health and lifestyle, influencing everything from their dietary choices to their activity levels.
Size Considerations and Health Implications

Given their Maltese size, generally ranging between 7–10 inches in height and weighing around 6–9 lbs, there are several health considerations tied to their diminutive build. They are a long-lived breed, often gracing their owners’ lives for 12–15 years, making a strong case for proactive and preventive Maltese health measures. Special attention should be given to their singular physiques to mitigate any breed-specific issues.
The Importance of a High-Quality Diet for Maltese Dogs

When it comes to nourishment, the Maltese diet should be curated with intention and knowledge. Their small bodies are sometimes more sensitive than those of larger dogs, leaving no room for error with fillers or harsh ingredients that could upset their stomachs or eclipse their nutritional needs.

By Haadi