Let us take a look at some of the important facets of corporate blogging that can assist you to strengthen your position as one of the best bloggers on the internet:

Know the fundamentals of Blogging

There are millions of bloggers out there on the World Wide Web but only a few successful ones. This is because most bloggers have not understood or realized the true fundamentals of blogging. You can start a blog at any time and publish your articles but realizing the true benefits of blogging and understanding its importance as a tool for driving traffic and attracting readers is another story.

The first and the foremost thing is to have a strategy in place, a blogging strategy that will be supported by your marketing strategies, PR strategies, advertising strategies etc. The strategy should also be in-sync with your business goals. The second important aspect is to build blogger relations. Blogger relations is where you start a blog and keep building upon it and keep it alive by adding new content, features, comments etc.

What blogger relations can really do is get other people involved in a discussion that could span over many months. As these discussions progress, you will get to know other people working in your industry. You will be able to share information and even get important and exclusive information that can provide you with a edge over other businesses in the same industry.

Value Creation

Why have you started a blog? This is one of the most important questions and the answer is also fairly simple. You should create a blog not only to promote your ideas but to provide value addition to your audience or readers through meaningful and relevant content. If you provide informative and interactive content then there is a high possibility that it will indirectly increase the flow of traffic to your parent or business website. No value addition – no traffic!

Sustain and grow

Sustaining is important and not easy but is required for overall growth and success as a blogger. The best way to do this is by keeping your audience up to date. To do this, you will need to know what is happening out there in terms of industry news and what your audience wants. If you keep providing interesting information from the industry and news snippets then more and more readers will be visit your blogs. This will lead to the growth in readership of your blogs and increase the visibility of your blog.

Provide an opinion


There are times when you may have a news snippet but you might not be able to form an opinion or perspective. In those times, try to provide a community opinion or a general perspective. This will open a thread of discussion and readers will get involved.

By Haadi