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There are now more and more opportunities to do new and unusual professions available. A good example is working as a professional listener. In some ways it is similar to choosing to consult a counsellor but there are some big differences. The person is NOT a qualified counsellor or therapist,Earn $65 per hour. Work as a well paid writer from home Articles and they do not claim to be, but they do say they are good at listening and with some people this is far more important. Here is your chance to become a well paid writer from home who gets paid well. $65 per hour ish. And be self employed so that you keep every penny for yourself. Go to ask agony aunts advice online for all of the information you need and sign up if it suits you.

I know a lady who is obsessed with dogs, it is all she ever wants to talk about, and she is not interested in the other person’s opinion, her ideal meet is going on while the other person just listens. She will tell you about the dog she walked for Mrs Smith yesterday in great detail, then the dog she walked the day before and so on, this can take her over an hour before she gets stuck into her subject. Her eyes shine and gleam as she speaks. You could be dying of a serious illness and her subject would still be those dogs. Nothing else matters to her. She claims to have lots of friends but at Christmas, her birthday etc none of them bother. Why? Because she is so boring! Her obsession takes over, but someone who is a paid listener would pretend to be interested and really listen. Someone who is supposedly family or a friend or neighbour would not bother, there is nothing in it for them.

Work as a well paid writer from home.

You may say that she should be paying a therapist to help her but people with fixations do not want to, they enjoy their fixation too much. They see it as counter productive to change that. Their life would be more dull without it. And the idea of admitting it is a fault or paying someone to help with it would be even more ridiculous – as far as they are concerned.

If they talk to a listener that is different. The listener is accepting how they are and encouraging it. There is no talk of it being odd or weird or unwanted to others. In fact a good listener may make sure that she feels it is great to have such a fascination for something – for her own sake not just for theirs. Perhaps the people she has been mixing with have nothing of interest to talk about and they are the boring ones.

You can work as an online or face to face professional listener as a proper job now. You can also find out a lot about how to go about it. It’s one of those things which is so new that very few people have heard of it yet many people really need it. In some ways this person is as bit like a tarot card reader or psychic email readings online only without the cards and props and doing more listening than talking.

I’ve had times when I’ve been out and about and some woman comes up to me and goes on and on about how miserable she is or how bored she is or her recent holiday and these are people who should be paying a listener if they cannot get friends to volunteer to hear it all. Not go up to strangers and try to them them into unpaid listeners! For one thing those strangers are just that, strangers, they have no reason to suddenly want to become a listener. For another they may be too busy, for all you know they are just about to meet someone, go home or go to work. For another as word gets about they will realise that you could hire someone and resent the fact you tried to save money at their expense.

I know in the past of some women who tried to come to me telling me all of their thoughts, grievances and problems every other day and they are the sort who should be paying a therapist, counsellor or listener not trying to push it on anyone they can get hold of because that way they can avoid admitting to themselves they have a problem or need to spend money. People like that find it hard to make or keep friends because of this. So they end up with nobody and try it on with people they do not know.

I’ve worked as a qualified therapist for a long time and often get people telling me that they heard from X that I am a qualified therapist so they assume I will give them my phone number / address and whenever they feel down or negative or sad or worried they can ring me or turn up on my doorstep to go on about it. None of this bears in mind that my clients cannot just turn up or just ring for a chat when it suits – they have to make an appointment first – and pay. So not sure why they think that they are somehow more special and superior to people who make appointments and pay! Some people are forever complaining or wanting to talk about something – like the woman with the dogs – and would hesitate to go on if they had to pay for the person’s time. It would be a great way of getting them to be less vocal about their thoughts and less keen on taking up and boring this other person’s time.

By Haadi