First things first – if you have a lawn or you want to maintain a lawn in the backyard, front yard, garden or perhaps in the office area, there should be appropriate maintenance like what you also do with whatever things you have that require specific care/attention. With lawns (especially for natural turf grasses), proper watering, mowing and fertilizing are strongly recommended. Australian Lawn Concepts, one of several accredited turf suppliers in the Queensland area for example recommends mowing as the initial step to manage the lawn. It says to mow once the turf already can’t be picked up or merely 10-14 days soon after installation in warm weather or that’s 14-28 days during the cold weather to achieve the best grass in the early stages. Also, only mow once the turfs are dry and its blades are sharp.

Essentially, it’s been said never to remove more than one third of the leaf blade to maintain its ideal height based on the needs and the lawn characteristics as the height will likely help maintain its moisture and nutrients. Low mowing may easily injure your lawn so mow in similar course where it’s laid for the first couple of mows to avoid it from scalping. Moreover, frequently mowing but adequately will help build the lush, green grass attaining the best grass quality you’ve always needed.

Next to mowing is the proper time to fertilize. To attain a healthy lawn possible then fertilizing is exactly what you do two weeks after the lawn has been set up and then after that, it’s going to be 6-8 weeks application for throughout every season. Otherwise, it’ll be scheduled at the beginning of each new season. Now when fertilizing the lawn, put on approximately 30g per square meter and water adequately. To help enhance the color of the grass during winter, fertilizing should be done in the late autumn using slow release and organic fertilizers. However, nitrogen-based fertilizers can also be used to maintain its lush green color.

Pest and Weed Control: Once you have maintained your grass into its shape, it can be capable to resist that harmful pests and weeds however it’s still recommended to help get rid of these lawn worms also known as lawn grubs that feed on them at night through the use of pesticides. Furthermore, you’ll be given tips on how to control weeds such as Bindii and Nut Grass that harms lawn’s root system through pest and weed control packages that you could purchase.

Who Can Help You? Naturally, you’re not doing most of these alone especially once the turf is freshly set up. You’ll get inclusive maintenance depending on the turf package you purchased so you’ll have no problems. Afterwards, you’re going to just pour in the final maintaining touches to attain the best grass. You’ll be trained about selecting the right fertilizer for your lawn and techniques on when you should water, mow and fertilize. If you’re curious about the good fertilizer brands available in the market, go for Lawntastic Fertilizer nd Sir Walter Fertilizer. These two are famous for giving the quality performance in fertilizing lawns especially Sir Walter turf. These are available in several shops from accredited turf suppliers.

By Haadi