Customs vehicle imports in January-February 2012, to 181,570 vehicles, an increase of 25.3 percent; passenger cars imported 177,595 vehicles, an increase of 25.0%.

Relative to the domestic narrow passenger cars in January-February wholesale -3% growth rates, the high growth of imports of the imported cars are still a hot market.

Re-attaches great importance to international car prices on the Chinese market has been for several years to introduce the models most of the introduction of imported cars has gone through a new fast greatly enriched the stage, a relative lack of new products this year.

March passenger cars notice the model code number to continue to record year-on-year land supply. Month notice models to 135 models of passenger cars (excluding special purpose vehicles and light passenger class M1 models), the number of section 226 of March 11 vehicle models fell 40%. The number of new vehicle models for a quarter of passenger cars this year, only 355 models, down 34 percent compared with last year’s 538 models.

March imports of narrow passenger cars this month, only 4 in particular, is a rare low number. The number of new vehicle models for a quarter of imports narrow passenger cars this year, only 12, down 89 percent compared with last year’s 110 models, which also indicates a decline in imported cars, new cars resources.

Highlights the lack of high growth of imported cars is dangerous. January-February this year, the total amount of imported cars increased rapidly, to stimulate the purchase of new cars lack of effect is bad, the varieties change is small, single product inventory growth is bound to soon, the dealer must be very hard.

Retail of the 125 plan a good circulation point: the existence of laws and regulations lagged behind the network layout is not reasonable, the slow transformation of business models, retailer and supplier relationships are less harmonious; enterprises focus on expansion, innovation capability and brand competitiveness is weak sense of social responsibility, industry, integrity problems, and circulation efficiency and operating efficiency is not high, the difficulties in the development of SMEs and other issues.

By Haadi